New titling sequence for 360° video

We have been having a really fun past week with our new 360° video rig! When we are not working on work projects, we grab the rig and head out to try and shoot some beautiful 360° video scenes.

Now, we are not exactly known for our patience, but we are extremely curious to see how a timelapse in 360° video would pan out. We mean, basically, you visually absorb all the details and nuances of scene played out over an hour in the span of 30 secs @ 1 frame every 5 secs. So, in the dawn hours on the 6th of June, we headed to one of our favourite spots in Singapore – Marina Barrage. And this was the result:

On a side note: It’s a little bit of a shame that there were some left over litter by overnight stayers probably. Anywho, we loved this scene so much that we decided it’s going to be our part of our new logo titling sequence for our 360° videos.

Unlike 360° photography where things remain static, there are a few challenges for adding elements to 360° video:

  • Moving subjects
  • Changing colours and brightness
  • Time limits
  • Need to draw audiences who might be looking elsewhere in the 360° video to reposition their viewpoint over the element you want them to see
  • Every single element you want to place in the 360° video needs to be properly rendered otherwise they will appear warped in the video

The great part is now we can play with all the various video effects that would not be applicable in 360° photography! So what we did was first to plan the layout – we would use arrows to draw audiences’ attention to the appearance of the logo.

We used arrows to draw the viewer's attention towards where the logo is going to appear

We used arrows to draw the viewer’s attention towards where the logo is going to appear

While it might be distracting, we could probably adjust the opacity (at the expense of visibility). So the arrows will fade in about two seconds before the logo appears, and covers just the horizon (if you cover the zenith and nadir too we feel the immersive experience is too compromised for that). Then, the actual 360° video will have a soft fade to blur, while the logo dissolve into the scene.

Soft fade to blur for video and dissolving in the logo

Soft fade to blur for video and dissolving in the logo

This visually prompts the viewer to direct his or her full attention to the logo, and in a way mimics the traditional bokeh look of photography where as you focus on a nearby object the background fades to a blur.

The arrows fade out when the logo makes a full appearance, then followed by the logo dissolving out and the 360° video de-blurring back in. Then fade to black. Coupled with an awesome track “Summer Day” by Kevin MacLeod (, and we have our new 360° video titling sequence in 15 short seconds. Do enjoy.

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