Facebook/MediaCorp - SA2016 Rehearsals 01

Star Awards 2016 (also SA2016, Chinese: 红星大奖2016) is a double television award ceremony which is held in Singapore. It is part of the annual Star Awards organised by Mediacorp for free-to-air channels Channels 8 and U, to honour Mediacorp’s best and brightest acting talent.

When Facebook and MediaCorp approached us beginning 2016, the 360° video scene was just starting in Singapore. We had years of shooting 360° photos, crafting 360° virtual experiences, and to us 360° video was the natural extension and evolution of what we love to do.

The requirements they meted out was quite tremendous to be honest – basically they wanted to capture 360° video of the Star Awards 2016 ceremony, and upload on the same day itself to MediaCorp Channel 8 FB page. It’s not easy as back then the professional rig of choice, and the one which we are using, needs time to process and stitch the video.

As a result, during the event, we set ourselves up in the Press Area for the Star Awards 2016 ceremony, and set up a process workflow in such a way footage is constantly flowing in and rendering. And once footage is rendered, it is sent to MediaCorp’s social media team for approval and upload.

It was a hectic two days, but as you can see from the video above we got ourselves a prime spot to be close to all the stars – that made the job totally worthwhile.

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