Shangri-La Hotel - Orchids by Shangri-La

Shangri-La Hotel unveiled the newly-built The Orchid in 2016 as a celebration of their 45th anniversary. An iconic structure in the Shangri-La gardens, designed to showcase the beauty of Singapore’s orchids.

We were truly excited when Shangri-La approached us early this year to discuss the possibility of a virtual 360° tour of their gardens and the new Orchid pavilion. We had multiple site visits while the structure was being constructed and the gardens built, in order to determine the best time (morning), details, and scenes needed to be covered to give a beautiful and comprehensive virtual tour of what is known as Singapore’s second Botanical Gardens.

One of our favourite works, The Orchid itself was not easy to shoot. The lighting is not optimal inside the structure thanks to the beautiful orchids lining the wall, and yet we had to be able to balance the interior and yet show the Shangri-La Hotel on the exterior. This is the first shoot we executed using our new Sony A7R Mark II camera, and the dynamic range captured by that camera coupled with a 9-shot HDR merging delivered.

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