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New titling sequence for 360° video

We have been having a really fun past week with our new 360° video rig! When we are not working on work projects, we grab the rig and head out to try and shoot some beautiful 360° video scenes. Now, we are not exactly known for our patience, but we are extremely curious to see how…

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Our New 360° Video Rig

To be honest, it kinda hurts at the start – we have never bought six of the same cameras ever before, and to do that we had to patronise two sources as none of them had six GoPro Hero 4 Black Editions in stock. Yes, it’s for our new 360° video rig, and when we…

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New Multi-Resolution Feature

Starting from today onwards, all our new 360° virtual tours and photos will be incorporated with the new multi-resolution feature! This marks a departure from the screen dependent resolution standard that we have used for the past 3 years in order to cater for mobile devices, and it is just about to make our works a whole…

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