We are a Singapore and Malaysia based outfit, specialising in professional 360° VR video and photos, interactive VR tours, and gigapixel imaging.

Docu360 - DOCUMENTING THE WORLD IN 360° Urban Renewal

The world has never seen a more rapid rate of urban renewal and changing landscapes. Whole areas and buildings are renovated, repurposed, or torn down in a span of a few decades, sometimes even in just a few years. Natural environments morph or disappear due to the effects of climate change and human activity at a brisk rate.

In the Docu360 project, we see ourselves as documentarians and archivists first, photographers second. By capturing 360° panoramas using high-quality cameras, we hope to preserve the essence of scenes around us in a comprehensive pictorial format, before it is lost to the march of time.

While initiatives like Google Streetview does the same thing, we are aiming for a more localised perspective, instead of a mapping point-of-view. And with a highly mobile setup, penetrate scenes that Streetview and other broad-based services are unable to go (yet).

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We have been having a really fun past week with our new 360° video rig! When we are not working on work projects, we grab...

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To be honest, it kinda hurts at the start – we have never bought six of the same cameras ever before, and to do...

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When we started out on 360 Snapshots four years ago, we were driven by the excitement that this technology can transplant users to a...

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Starting from today onwards, all our new 360° virtual tours and photos will be incorporated with the new multi-resolution feature! This marks a departure from the...

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